St Mary’s Sanctuary is a 300 acre area of pristine native vegetation located 15km west of Penola. It was set aside last century and protected by the Mulligan family for the benefit of future generations.

It is a continuation of the Terra Rossa ridge that St Mary’s Vineyard and Winery are established on and unique in that one is able to walk from the vineyard to the Sanctuary and see precisely what the Terra Rossa ridges of the Penola region looked like prior to European settlement.

The Sanctuary is home to and refuge for a large variety of native animals and over 100 species of birds including the rare and endangered Glossy Backed Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Barking Owl, Peaceful Dove and Jacky Winter.

As well as the bushes, fungi, plants and trees that flower through the year, many native orchids such as the Mosquito, Red Gnat and Helmet Orchids can be spotted by a keen eye in the spring months.

Admission to the Sanctuary can be arranged by contacting St Mary’s Wines.